Transitioning JSR-335 to JCP 2.8 -- EG approval needed

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Subject: Transitioning JSR-335 to JCP 2.8 -- EG approval needed

The Lmabda JSR was originally submitted in November 2010, under the
rules of JCP 2.7.  When JCP 2.8 (JSR 348) was approved in October 2011
[1], Oracle publicly committed to convert all in-flight JSRs led by
Oracle to JCP 2.8.

To convert an in-flight JSR to 2.8 requires the EG members to agree to 
the change.  Would each of the JSR-335 EG members as listed on [2] 
please indicate your agreement or disagreement by responding to this 
message with a "Yes" or "No", on-list.


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