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Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Tue Aug 13 11:15:33 PDT 2013

As you may know, there is a separate -comments list which is intended to 
be used as a "suggestion box" (i.e., its not for discussion, and hence 
not subscribable or replyable.)  This is the public's primary means for 
providing input to the EG.  Most have already been discussed here.  The 
following comments should be considered "read into the record".  If 
folks want to discuss these, please start a separate thread.

Sept 10 2012, Neal Gafter:
Summary: "Please make the -comments list subscribe-able."
Disposition: That would undermine a key value of the -comments list.

Oct 8, 2012, Alex Buckley:
Summary: Please explicitly note classfile version constraints for 
classfile changes.
Disposition: Incorporated into spec drafts.

Oct 1, 2012, Neal Gafter:
Summary: Clarifications about BGGA exception transparency

Dec 11, 2012, Alex Buckley:
Summary: Request clarification about annotation of lambda parameter formals
Disposition: Lambda formals can have type annotations or parameter 
annotations; parameter annotations are propagated to the desugared 
implementation method.

Jan 2, 2013, Stephen Colebourne:
Summary: Extend @FunctionalInterface annotation to name primary method
Disposition: Discussed, no EG consensus behind this proposal

Jan 2, 2013, Stephen Colebourne:
Summary: Suggestions for function type naming
Disposition: Considered in EG discussions

Jan 3, 2013, Alex Buckley:
Summary: Grammar of constructor ref
Disposition: Will be integrated into specification

Jan 10, 2013, Michael Ernst:
Summary: Please include explicit examples in 15.27
Disposition: Incorporated into specification

Apr 1, 2013, Maurice Naftalin:
Summary: Suggested wording tweak in 9.8
Disposition: Will incorporate

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