Missing substitution in 18.3?

Stephan Herrmann stephan.herrmann at berlin.de
Mon Dec 9 17:21:21 PST 2013

I'm looking at a complex example where inference fails
(contrary to javac behavior).
The most likely problem is in 18.3., sedond list, bullet 5:

"If Ai is not a wildcard, the bound αi = Ai is immediately implied."

I believe sustitution θ must be applied to Ai, here!
(prefix or postfix as you like :) )
Alternatively, there could be s.t. wrong with how the capture bound
was first created in 18.5.2 (rhs here has no substitution either).
The point is we are leaking type variables into the inference,
for which inference variables have been defined -> FAIL.

Do you agree?

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