Assignment context defined ?

Stephan Herrmann stephan.herrmann at
Thu Dec 12 16:19:13 PST 2013

Skimming through old communication I stumbled upon

I couldn't yet find any of what had been promised back then,
am I looking in the wrong places? :)

On a different note, when reading 18.5.1, which says:
"Where P1, ..., Pp (p ≥ 1) are the type parameters of m"
it still isn't clear from the immediate context that these
P1... may include type parameters of the declaring class of
a constructor invoked using diamond.
Meanwhile 18.2.1 has a reference to 15.9.3, which helps.
Maybe a similar note would also improve 18.5.1, given that
there's no direct connection from/to 18.2.1.


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