Descriptor computation in the presence of raw types ?

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> I am happy erasing the descriptor, but (a) should this stay 
> unspecified if it indeed 
> is and (b) does the inconsistency in treatment with generic lambdas OK ? 

To see the correlation between generic lambdas and raw types in target 
study this program in which 8b74 is inadvertently allowing a generic 
since it does not see the descriptor as being generic due to erasure:

// -----
import java.util.List;
interface I<T> {
    <P> P foo(List<T> f);

class Y {
    void goo(I<String> f) {

class Z {
    void zoo(I f) {
public class X {
    public static void main(String [] args) {
      new Y().goo((List<String> ls) -> { return null; }); // Fails: 
descriptor is generic 
      new Z().zoo((List ls) -> { return null; }); // compiles fine, we are 
overriding a generic method with another that has no type variables!!

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