Part G - Concerns.

Srikanth S Adayapalam srikanth_sankaran at
Fri Mar 1 09:47:33 PST 2013

Good morning.

We have heard three responses to the concerns raised about the unfinished 
state of
Part G:

Taking the liberty of summarizing/paraphrasing, here they are:

(1) Maurizio pointed us to the source code for javac as a means of 
understanding the
gaps. This option unfortunately is not available to Eclipse developers.

(2) Dan replied saying that the unfinished sections are being actively 
worked on and
a new version that much more complete will be available soon.

(3) Brian responded saying, yes, parts are unfinished, but what exists in 
the specification
should allow an implementation to undertake/schedule a good amount of work 
as it is.

Thanks for the responses. We are proceeding with Parts F (significant 
progress made 
already - at the moment, haven't found gaps in the specification here) and 
Part G (if/when
we hit a hard wall, we will raise specific concerns) 

To state the obvious, we do expect that a finished/nearly finished version 
is made 
available early enough that we can review, raise issues/concerns, 
understand the 
implementation ramifications and be able to discuss them at the EG well 
ahead of the public 

For our part, we promise to treat the review of this part as top priority 
once a finished
version becomes available.

Thank you,
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