Status for "most specific" varargs method?

Stephan Herrmann stephan.herrmann at
Tue Feb 11 08:18:11 PST 2014


Looking at remaining differences in behavior between javac and ecj,
I came across this bug from 2009:

This made me wonder about the status of this bug.

* Is JLS8 supposed to change the picture?
   - (I don't see it would)

* Are there plans to fix this in javac?
   - (javac8 again shows the bug, after javac7 did not)

We'd love to be consistent with JLS *and* javac :)


PS: I made experiments as to what spec changes would allow us
to accept the example. I figured extending the 3 phases of
overload resolution into 4 might be the cleanest way:
   1. applicable by strict invocation
   2. applicable by loose invocation
   3. applicable by variable-arity strict invocation
   4. applicable by variable-arity loose invocation
IFF the current javac behavior is desired, then this would be
my proposal for JLS9 :)

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