JSR 335 Lambda Specification, 0.9.0

Stephan Herrmann stephan.herrmann at berlin.de
Tue Jan 7 14:22:27 PST 2014

(all this is about 18.5.2:)

 From the Changelog of 0.9.0:
> Added rules to invocation type inference to special-case when the return type is an inference variable, and may end up either being wildcard-parameterized or requiring unchecked conversion.

These changes are causing regressions in our implementation.
I might have some other bugs lurking around, but could you please double check:
Could some occurrences of R θ be intended to say R instead? Specifically these:
- bullet 3.2: "Otherwise, if R θ is a parameterized type ..."
- bullet 3.3: "Otherwise, if R θ is an inference variable α ..."

Additionally the use of erasure in bullet 3.1 causes grief.
In experiments I do get better results using a raw type instead.

Finally: it would be extremely helpful if you could give examples for
the new bullets 3.3.1 and 3.3.2. So far I haven't a clue :)


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