Updated RI and TCK

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Wed Jan 29 08:23:15 PST 2014

An updated draft Reference Implementation for JSR-337, Java SE 8, which
is also the reference implementation for JSR 335, is available here:


This is based on JDK 8 build 126; the previous was build 121.

The draft TCK has also been updated, to JCK 8 build 40.  You can
access it via the instructions you previously received; if you have not
received these instructions, let me know.

There are a small number of known TCK failures, as documented in the
"known failures list" delivered with the TCK (jck8b40-jdk8b126.kfl).
If you run the TCK, provide that file as an exclude list in order to
skip the problematic tests.  Those tests will be omitted from the
final JCK 8 build, and other than documentation fixes that should be
the only JCK change relative to JDK 8 build 40.

We expect to post a minor update to the draft Specification shortly,
and will allow at least an additional week for feedback on
that, so if you wish to run the TCK against the RI in your local
environment you should have plenty of time.

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