EA8 build of Project Lanai (Java 2D Metal rendering pipeline for macOS) is now posted

Philip Race philip.race at oracle.com
Thu Dec 17 07:57:51 UTC 2020

The EA 8 build of Project Lanai [1] was posted today at 

EA 8 Build 17-lanai+1-2 (2020/12/12)

Please do give it a try (-Dsun.java2d.metal=true) and let us know of 

One particular request :
To anyone who has a mac still running 10.12 - we don't expect Metal to 
run (it requires at least 10.13
and maybe even later by the time it is final) but we would like 
confirmation that nothing in Metal
prevents OpenGL running on older releases.
Note there is currently a hotspot build bug unrelated to Lanai that 
prevents running on 10.10
and maybe 10.11 but 10.12 will be a useful data point.

EA 8 contains the following new bug fixes relative to EA 7

8257886: Build issue in macOS 10.14
8256683: Lanai: NetBeans IDE - AA Text rendering appears brighter 
compared to OpenGL
8242925: J2DDemo - Anti-Aliasing with Metal differs from OGL
8257618: Lanai: GradientPaint interpolates over stops limits
8257566: Lanai: System runs out of application memory while running the 
Unmanaged_BufferredImage_draw_NearestNeighbor test multiple times
8257441: Lanai: java/awt/image/VolatileImage/DrawHugeImageTest fails
8257442: Lanai: Create RenderPerf tests for SW to HW blits
8257413: Lanai - Use optimum sized temporary buffer while replacing 
texture region
8238285: Lanai: java/awt/image/DrawImage tests fail
8256576: DrawImage/BlitRotateClippedArea fails


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