Accessing to Fiber State

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Sun Dec 16 07:55:25 UTC 2018

On 15/12/2018 22:33, Volkan Yazıcı wrote:
> Hello,
> AFAIU from the source code, one is supposed to create fibers via
> Fiber.schedule(), that is not via extending Fiber, which is allowed for
> Threads. (I think this behavior has been introduced pretty recently.) Using
> factory method makes it impossible to access to Fiber#getState(). Am I
> missing something? How can we access to the state of a Fiber?
> (For those interested, the context is as follows: I need to confirm that a
> fiber is indeed parked to avoid a race condition. The relevant fix for
> plain Threads:
> )
There hasn't been any work to date on monitoring and management support 
so still TBD whether fiber states will be exposed or whether it will be 
something completely different. It might be that only a small subset of 
fibers are interesting to monitor for example. The non-public 
Fiber.getState method you found is to support Thread.getState, e.g. a 
task executed by a fiber leaks Thread.currentThread() to something that 
monitors its state with Thread::getState.

For your usage, is this your own scheduler where the task completes when 
the fiber parks?


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