Martin Sustrik's Structured Concurrency Talk in FOSDEM'19

Volkan Yazıcı volkan.yazici at
Tue Feb 5 10:36:47 UTC 2019


I personally find it a lost opportunity to see none of the Loom hackers (I
am looking at you Ron, Alan, and Remi) attended to Martin Sustrik's talk on
structured concurrency given you refer to him in your presentations[1]. A
hallway discussion could have been quite fruitful. Nevertheless, Martin's
talk is recorded and made available online[2]. I don't think there is
anything new for you there, but I personally find his remarks on
"cancelable", "with-deadline", etc. "nurseries" pretty aligned with certain
parts of Ron's presentation[3]. Including him in the design discussions
might be useful. Just my 2 cents.


[1] Later on I talked with Alan he said that they did not know about his
presentation. In the ocean of FOSDEM presentations, that is a valid excuse
I guess.
[3] I told him that recently he has been referred to quite some in Java
circles and he said he never heard of it.

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