Another crash

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Sat Jan 18 09:37:17 UTC 2020

On 18/01/2020 00:06, Kamath, Smita wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> It looks like you are running in a virtualized environment and somehow 
> vbmi2 is enabled. However, the underlying hardware does not support 
> vbmi2 feature as seen in /proc/cpuinfo from the log file. Therefore, 
> when a vbmi2 instruction is executed, the hardware throws SIGILL.
> I have reverified that the hotspot test case located at 
> compiler/intrinsics/bigInteger/ runs successfully on 
> cpu-family 6, model 85, stepping 7 which is the same configuration as 
> mentioned in the hs_error file from Remi. The intrinsic optimization 
> is only for platforms that support vbmi2 feature.
Thanks for the mail and details. I haven't located a system that reports 
vbmi2 in the cpu flags. The closest (on an Oracle cloud hardware) 
reports cpu 6, model 85, stepping 7 and claims to have avx512f but not 
vbmi2. Rémi seems to be on hardware in Google's cloud. I think this 
thread should move to hotspot-compiler-dev as I don't think there is any 
Loom specific here (yes, we had an issues with the stubs that copy 
to/from the stack but that has been patched and we'll do more testing on 
that in time).


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