draft Carrier API

Thomas May tmay at clearwateranalytics.com
Fri Mar 6 22:14:48 UTC 2020

I tend to agree.

It’d be nice if like the ReadWriteLock, the result of this was a class which has a Send/Receive Carrier? Channel?

For example, a similar concept in rust

Even if you make the Carrier and implementer of a Send/Receive carrier interface, it would make it easier to signal intent from code through the type system (Though, I don’t really like that as much).

A bonus of having a Carrier which has a “getReceivingCarrier” method, or whatever, is that you can eliminate the “closeForReceiving” type methods.  It also could introduce interesting patterns like multiplexing… (IE, having multiple receivers getting the same message) not sure if that is a good idea ��.

> One very vague comment:
> This design puts both endpoints on one type, as opposed
> to two similar types, like InputStream and OutputStream.
> This leads to fewer types and objects (good) but broader ones.
> Broader is little less good, since most use points only care
> about 1/2 of the methods; the other 1/2 is then noise.
> It would be nice to see an overall policy statement about this.
> — John


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