Loom crashes, error log attached

Napster napster at npstr.space
Mon Oct 19 19:29:07 UTC 2020

Not sure if the attachment went through (sorry, new to these mailing list things), so here's also a paste of it: https://wastebin.party/pezunugana.log

Den Neufeld

---- Ein Mo, 19 Okt 2020 21:24:20 +0200 Napster <mailto:napster at npstr.space> schrieb ----

Hey there,

I've been following Project Loom for a while now, and recently, since the tooling and libs started supporting compiling on Java 16, just went ahead and started running an existing decently sized application on the 16-loom+6-105 build. I made some small adjustments to have as many threadpools as I could find and edit to use virtual threads, and went in without any expectations 

The application ran fairly smooth, sometimes for days. However, especially under higher load than average, I've since experienced some issues with deadlocks over synchronized blocks (probably my fault), but also some plain crashes / fatal errors. Finally I had the time to salvage one of those hs_err_pig.log files out of the docker container and am writing this email. Unfortunately I have no idea what to look for in the log file, but maybe someone here may find it useful? Find the file attached.

Feel free to get back to me with any questions. I'd be very happy to share more details if you can give me some pointers on what kind of information would be helpful for you.


Den Neufeld

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