Some 'il-loom-inating' Humor from a Family Perspective ��

Eric Kolotyluk eric at
Tue Nov 16 20:08:12 UTC 2021

I apologize if my humor might offend some people, but it's really just a
humorous metaphor I could not resist sharing...

With StructuredExecutor, the Thread that it is created on, and the session
opened, well these are like the parents of all the sibling tasks that are
spawned with fork().

I started coming up with a metaphor for join() and close(), but frankly,
the more I explored it, the more depressing it seemed. Maybe join() is like
coming together for family dinner, and close() is just like saying
goodnight... not a perfect metaphor, but a more pleasant one.

I was just trying to see the 'parallels' in concurrent programming (pun

Cheers, Eric

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