Implementation of concurrency primitives

Cristian Lorenzetto cristian.lorenzetto at
Thu Nov 18 07:16:16 UTC 2021

Interesting question, but i suspect it is not possible realize a custom
manager for that but you can use cpu affinity flag

Il giorno gio 18 nov 2021 alle ore 07:44 Andrey Lomakin <
lomakin.andrey at> ha scritto:

> Good morning, guys.
> I am considering creating an application that will use a
> thread-per-core approach. Data mostly will not be shared between cores and
> I am going to use a single thread executor to schedule fibres.
> My question is may I use my own concurrency primitives which do not inject
> memory barriers unlike the standard concurrency primitives to
> achieve maximum performance and if that is not possible could you explain
> why?
> --
> Best regards,
> Andrey Lomakin.

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