loom ea based jdk18 feedback

Jon Ross jonross at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 05:40:51 UTC 2021

I'm new to loom, but have worked with coroutines/continuations /
async-await in other languages (JVM & non-JVM), mostly as a
library/framework writer, so I'm used to suspending/resuming fibers.

> So there is currently no way of exposing this particular class (which is mostly of interest for research).

Is there another way to suspend/resume a fiber? I assume the JDK
itself making use of this ability when it encounters blocking IO? None
of the docs I found so far cover this case, and it isn't obvious in
the API how to do it.

> Note that this is a very specialised API for internal, sophisticated, use by frameworks, only, and should rarely if ever be used by user code. Naturally, we prioritise the user-facing APIs.

Assuming you are talking about what I'm asking about: I would agree,
but I would postulate (without any data at all) that most users use
the threading and IO model of their chosen framework, more than using
the JDK's user-facing APIs directly. I apologize in advance if I'm
misunderstood the meaning of this thread. I'm new to loom so this
might be likely.


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