Ron Pressler ron.pressler at
Tue Nov 23 12:25:01 UTC 2021

> On 23 Nov 2021, at 01:49, Pedro Lamarão <pedro.lamarao at> wrote:
> Hello all!
> Thank you once more for your amazing work on Project Loom!
> I have been experimenting with building servers with Loom and the promise
> of simpler code has been fulfilled so far.
> I have advanced my experiments to the HTTP protocol [1].
> In this experiment, I have applied Jetty's HttpParser class, which uses a
> state machine to implement a push parser.
> I understand Loom is attempting to deliver and scope is being minimized for
> this purpose, but, since we entered experimental terrain with
> StructuredExecutor...
> Could you be convinced to expose an experimental continuation based
> Generator?

Sure! It’s just a matter of priorities.

> Doing a Generator based HttpParser would allow an HTTP server with
> full ease of debugability.
> Anyway, again, thanks again!
> In the early days of Loom, when Continuation was usable, I experimented
> with a simple DER parser and it was very, very interesting. [2]
> [1]
> [2]

Thank you, I’ll take a look.

— Ron

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