Access to Continuation.yield and ContinuationScope

Raul Raja Martinez raulraja at
Thu Nov 25 19:21:42 UTC 2021

Thanks!, that worked for my local tests.

Are there any plans to bring back Continuation and ContinuationScope to
public status to `java.lang` or similar or is the plan that this is going
to remain internal?
I'm aware of other libs in the space that also depend on their public
status to perform operations unrelated to concurrency but related to the
power of shifting control by yielding a scope in the continuation.


On Thu, Nov 25, 2021 at 2:37 AM Glavo <zjx001202 at> wrote:

> You can add the --add-opens option at runtime, like this:
> java --add-opens java.base/jdk.internal.vm=ALL-UNNAMED <your-main-class>
> Raul Raja Martinez <raulraja at> 于2021年11月25日周四 上午7:56写道:
>> Hello everyone,
>> First, thank you for LOOM and the extraordinary work done here. I'm
>> excited
>> to see this coming to a final release.
>> I have been using LOOM builds up until recently, building abstractions
>> directly on top of what used to be `java.lang.Continuation` and the
>> `Continuation.yield` capabilities. I have noticed in the latest build
>> these
>> became internal in the jdk.internal.vm package.
>> When I link against those I get errors like:
>> java.lang.IllegalAccessError: superclass access check failed: class
>> fx.Continuation$package$$anon$1 (in unnamed module @0x1f75bcda) cannot
>> access class jdk.internal.vm.ContinuationScope (in module java.base)
>> because module java.base does not export jdk.internal.vm to unnamed module
>> @0x1f75bcda
>> I wondered if there is a way to create and use Continuation.yield in this
>> latest build, and if not, how would I go about implementing a use case
>> like
>> this currently expressed in Scala.
>> Thank you!
>> Raul.

Raúl Raja Martínez
Co-founder @ 47 Degrees

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