Eric Kolotyluk eric at kolotyluk.net
Mon Nov 29 01:22:05 UTC 2021

I have pushed the latest results of what I have learned to GitHub
<https://kolotyluk.github.io/loom-lab/>, in particular the
javadoc and the code

This is a really fun personal project for me, which is forcing me to
understand Project Loom concepts and practices better, and I hope it will
be useful to others someday.

I really look forward to experimenting more with java.net.http.HttpClient,
which works fine with
Executors.newThreadPerTaskExecutor(virtualTheadFactory), but not with
StructuredExecutor. However, I need StructuredExecutor so I can design the
kind of experiments I really want to play with.

Again, many thanks to all the excellent dialog I have found here.

Cheers, Eric

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