New Early Access builds

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Sat Apr 30 14:35:33 UTC 2022

On 30/04/2022 14:13, Cay Horstmann wrote:
> Just spotted another EA build dated 2022-04-29. What is the status of the
> structured concurrency API? The JEP draft [1], created 2021-11-15 and
> updated 2022-04-02, and linked from the JEP [2], has StructuredExecutor but
> it's not in the EA. The EA has StructuredTaskScope.
The SC JEP is still in draft and is a bit out of date. We have updates 
to it coming very soon that will improve the story and also align it 
with the API that is in the repo and EA builds.  The rename was several 
months ago. The only API change in the latest EA build is that the API 
for extent-locals has been renamed from ScopeLocal to ExtentLocal. There 
is a big makeover to that JEP in progress and I'm sure Andrew Haley will 
send mail here once that is done.

The motivation for refreshing the EA downloads wasn't either of these 
APIs but rather to ensure that the latest docs for the tooling support 
are online. There are significant updates used by debuggers and other 
tools. It's important that the docs for these interfaces are correct for 
the IDEs, debuggers, and others that are testing and doing work in 
preparation for JEP 425.


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