[External] : Re: Can continuation support finally solve the "How do I stop this thread" problem?

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Thu Sep 8 08:44:06 UTC 2022

On 08/09/2022 09:18, Alex Otenko wrote:
> 1. We set a limit of, say, 100 not because we can't have 101 or 200, 
> but because we need to draw a line somewhere, and say: if you are 
> using 101, you are definitely doing something wrong.
> Tasks also have pools - that's bounded queues. Again, we might set the 
> limit of 16k, but that's not because we can't have 32k, but because if 
> you have 16k+1, you are doing something wrong. (Your system is not 
> coping, perhaps)

I don't think we have all the answers here. We've always said that the 
removing the limits on the number of threads will expose limits or the 
need for limits elsewhere. That may be the number of network 
connections, the number of concurrent database connections in use, queue 
sizes, ...  I think there needs to be more experience with real world 
usages before writing download "best practices" but it is very possible 
that the granularity or the place for these limits will be different to 
what we've had to date.


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