Direct Style Scala

Eric Kolotyluk eric at
Fri Oct 6 22:05:14 UTC 2023

Martin Odersky DIRECT STYLE SCALA Scalar Conference 2023 

I thought this might be of interest to some loominaries... 😉

I wrote about it on

I suspect that unless Scala has access to the JDK Delimited 
Continuations API, they might ignore a really great opportunity to 
improve Scala. As usual, Scala has some interesting ideas going forward 
that might offer opportunities to Java...

On the other had, I have used both Virtual Threads and Structured 
Concurrency from Scala, and it's not hard. I do prefer collecting 
concurrent results with Scala Collection over Java Streams because they 
are not as lazy... 😉

Happy Friday... have a great weekend...

Cheers, Eric
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