http server designed for virtual threads

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Mon Oct 30 12:10:18 UTC 2023

On 30/10/2023 11:12, Robert Engels wrote:
> It is forked. The JDK httpserver has no capability to upgrade the 
> connection - so websockets are not possible. That was the prime 
> motivation.
> The JDK httpserver also has a bunch of async still with NIO based 
> selectors. All of that was removed to make the code far simpler. 
> Especially around SSL - since the JDK version requires the use of the 
> SSLEngine due to the async.
Okay, I think I understand what you are doing now.

Once we get to the point where we can release a carrier holding a 
monitor then it will be possible to have selection operations also 
release. That will expand the set of existing code that is "virtual 
thread friendly".


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