Managing with CRaC

Cleber Muramoto cleber.muramoto at
Mon Apr 15 21:32:45 UTC 2024


I am trying to take a checkpoint using zulu's CRaC.

When using VirtualThreads the checkpoint fails because of open file
descriptors created by EPollPoller.

As of now, I think the only possible way to close the FD's is by accessing
the private read/write pollers to fetch the epfd's and manually closing
them. (I tried the jdk.crac.resource-policies but it doesn't seem to pick
up these FDs).

While this works to capture the snapshot, restoring is another story, since
the poller threads don't expect the epfds to change.

Are there any plans to add some sort of lifecycle api to Poller to make it
CRaC friendly?

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