How to build libgraal for latest JDK (in theory)

Roland Westrelin rwestrel at
Fri Sep 4 08:52:00 UTC 2020

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for writing the steps down. I gave it a try but for step 6:

> 6. Build libgraal
> cd /<my_dir>/graal/vm
> mx --env libgraal build

I get:

Building [dependency GRAAL_HOTSPOT_LIBRARY updated]
Error: Requirements for building native images are not fulfilled [cause: Image building not supported for Java version 16-internal in /mnt/ssd/rwestrel/metropolis/graal/sdk/mxbuild/linux-amd64/GRAALVM_39063E534F_JAVA16_STAGE1/graalvm-39063e534f-java16-20.3.0-dev with VM configuration "OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM"]

Building failed
1 build tasks failed

You said:

> Unfortunately step 6 fail currently (August 25, 2020) because JDK misses JVMCI part of 8209961 fix [2] which is used by 
> latest Graal which already have that fix.

but AFAICT 8209961 is fixed now.

Any idea what could go wrong?


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