Converting POJOs to ScriptObjects?

Tony Zakula tonyzakula at
Fri Nov 18 13:53:19 UTC 2016

Hey All,

Seems there should be a way to do this that maybe I am missing?

To pass JS objects to Java, we use:

var data = {"myVar":"hello"};

We also want to pass a POJO created on the Java side back to JS and convert
it to a ScriptObject so it acts like a standard JS object.  We have a Java
Object we built that is in global scope that the acts like a bridge to call
back to Java.  So the code works something like this right now:

var order = JSON.parse("getOrder"));

On the Java side:

Order order = getOrderFromDB();
return convertObjectToJSON(order);

This works fine, and the performance is decent, but it would seem that we
could reduce objects and overhead if we could convert the Order object to a
ScriptObject.  Maybe if we even created an empty ScriptObject and copied in
the properties.

Am I missing an easy way to do this all on the Java side?  I have thought
about calling back to the JS from Java to create the JS object and then
populate it from Java?

Any input is appreciated.  Nashorn is awesome.



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