NIO Filesystem API

David M. Lloyd david.lloyd at
Mon May 26 09:52:52 PDT 2008

It's probably a bit late in the game to request this... but... is there any 
chance that you could consider locating all the filesystem stuff in a 
"javax.filesystems" package heirarchy, as opposed to the current 
"java.nio.filesystems"?  The reason is that it seems to be mostly, if not 
completely, self-contained (with respect to the other NIO stuff), and it 
would certainly improve adoption of the new FileSystem API if backport 
implementations would be allowed (which, unless I'm mistaken, is much more 
difficult from a licensing perspective when the package in question is 
located in the "java" space).

Also, the filesystems API has little to do with "NIO", which up until now 
has been concerned primarily with channels, selectors, buffers, and 
transcoding of buffers.

What do you think?


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