git: openjdk/jfx: Added tag 14+2 for changeset 286d1b54

duke duke at
Fri Nov 8 09:06:56 UTC 2019

Tagged by: Johan Vos <johan.vos at>
Date:      2019-11-06 17:57:57 +0000

Added tag 14+2

Changeset: 286d1b54
Author:    Arun Joseph <arun.aj.joseph at>
Committer: Kevin Rushforth <kcr at>
Date:      2019-11-06 12:43:43 +0000

The following commits are included in 14+2
35e0caea: 8227402: Improve XSLT processing
758252f9: Merge
75d439e9: Merge
561153db: Merge
a433bf27: Merge
0ff02bbc: Merge
a1aa38a4: Merge
9df20c56: Merge
abdb145e: Added tag 14+1 for changeset 67129a01074e
9a6b69d6: 8231326: Update README and CONTRIBUTING docs for Skara
29906fdb: 8092352: Skip dispatch if there are no handlers/filters
003128be: 8231310: Add .jcheck/conf to jfx git repo
2593dea3: Merge
f595cc19: 8231735: gradle checkrepo is obsolete and doesn't work with git
0a0d34a0: 8231590: Update location of jfx repo to GitHub in third-party legal files
c6eb0918: 8231854: Change Mercurial to git in various README files
a4bc22d2: Merge
63fe66c4: 8231870: CrossLibs script for armv6hf toolchain download fails
64aaeb84: 8226754: FX build fails using gradle 5.6+ or 6
bada612a: Merge
b6e53f4f: 8218640: Update ICU4C to version 64.2
582d9993: Merge
a09a0fa5: 8232522: FX: Update copyright year in docs, readme files to 2020
2ae171a2: 8232687: No static JNI loader for libprism-sw
ab6ea3b9: 8232158: [macOS] Fallback to command line tools if xcode is missing
ac71396c: 8232929: Duplicate symbols when building static libraries
5a70b0c5: 8189092: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on Linux in getCachedGlyph
dca8df4e: 8232943: Gesture support is not initialized on iOS
a1cc4ab0: 8232210: Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 19.2.1
f74f3afb: 8233040: ComboBoxPopupControl: remove eventFilter for F4
286d1b54: 8230492: font-family not set in HTMLEditor if font name has a number in it

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