git: openjdk/jfx: Added tag 14+3 for changeset 126896db

duke duke at
Tue Nov 26 18:54:42 UTC 2019

Tagged by: Johan Vos <johan.vos at>
Date:      2019-11-26 19:53:28 +0000

Added tag 14+3

Changeset: 126896db
Author:    Kevin Rushforth <kcr at>
Date:      2019-11-23 17:42:53 +0000

The following commits are included in 14+3
94bcf3fc: 8231692: Test Infrastructure: enhance KeyEventFirer to inject keyEvents into scene
d46dcae7: 8233338: FX javadoc headings are out of sequence
5b96ee42: 8231188: Update SQLite to version 3.30.1
dc013094: 8234110: SwingFXUtilsTest is unsuitable for unit test framework
3d0cb496: 8234189: [TEST_BUG] Remove ignored and invalid graphics unit tests
927fc8a0: 8234174: Change IDEA VCS mapping to Git
4f496d41: 8234194: [TEST_BUG] Reenable few graphics unit tests
e37cb370: 8234150: Address ignored tests in ComboBoxTest, LabeledTest, HyperLinkTest and TextInputControlTest
3e0557a8: 8234303: [TEST_BUG] Correct ignore tag in graphics unit tests
95ad6017: 8233421: Upgrade to Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9.16
aab07a4d: 8234239: [TEST_BUG] Reenable few ignored web tests
42040c4c: 8232063: Upgrade gradle to version 6.0
aad17206: 8233420: Upgrade to gcc 8.3 on Linux
8bea7b71: 8229472: Deprecate for removal JavaBeanXxxPropertyBuilders constructors
5a398244: 8234056: Upgrade to libxslt 1.1.34
4d3c723e: 8234593: Mark LeakTest.testGarbageCollectability as unstable
126896db: 8234704: Fix attribution in

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