git: openjdk/jfx-sandbox: created branch tsayao_xlib based on the branch tsayao_gtk4_playground containing 89 unique commits

duke duke at
Tue Feb 8 15:20:32 UTC 2022

The following commits are unique to the tsayao_xlib branch:
bb73d43b: 8272870: Add convenience factory methods for border and background
b591912c: 8274137: TableView scrollbar/header misaligned when reloading data
d6f78e27: 8275138: WebView: UserAgent string is empty for first request
a118d333: 8236689: macOS 10.15 Catalina: LCD text renders badly
7be0abb9: 8274413: FX: Update copyright year in docs, readme files to 2022
28e86841: 8272638: Update copyright header for files modified in 2021
d244b305: 8275815: OCA link in and is broken
717cfdc8: 8274669: Dialog sometimes ignores max height
e7a106fa: 8271090: Missing API docs in scenegraph classes
a9474055: 8271091: Missing API docs in UI controls classes
adcc40d5: 8187474: Tree-/TableCell, TreeCell: editingCell/Item not updated in cell.startEdit
161e434b: 8255015: Inconsistent illumination of 3D shape by PointLight
d9e1ad97: 8275848: Deprecate for removal mistakenly exposed field from class javafx.scene.shape.Box
c6f4ff01: 8274699: Certain blend modes cannot be set from CSS
6c881063: 8222455: JavaFX error loading glass.dll from cache
cde72c8e: 8276179: PrismFontFile.isInstalledFont is dead code and should be removed
7d6493bf: 8275911: Keyboard doesn't show when tapping inside an iOS text input control
5fc047ba: 8272808: Update constant collections to use the new immutable collections - leftovers
4d8e12d2: 8275723: Crash on macOS 12 in GlassRunnable::dealloc
6749ab60: 8274854: Mnemonics for menu containing numeric text not working
effcc866: 8274929: Crash while reading specific clipboard content
d122ed00: 8276915: Crash on iOS 15.1 in GlassRunnable::dealloc
7ddd6427: 8232812: [MacOS] Double click title bar does not restore window size
0d5b8f8b: 8274022: Additional Memory Leak in ControlAcceleratorSupport
f939d094: 8227371: Drag&Drop while holding the CMD key does not work on macOS
13c24d22: 8276142: Update gradle to version 7.3
27dce0ad: 8276144: Update boot JDK to 17.0.1
d289db94: 8276174: JavaFX build fails on macOS aarch64
e694fb55: 8254956: [REDO] Memoryleak: Closed focused Stages are not collected with Monocle
6e6c7119: 8160597: IllegalArgumentException when we initiate drag on Image
423e1be1: 8277133: Dragboard contents retrieved all over again during a DND process on WebView
d14be6a8: 8274061: Tree-/TableRowSkin: misbehavior on switching skin
0dbdec4a: 8276490: Incorrect path for duplicate x and y values, when path falls outside axis bound
fc3792d5: 8276206: Rename TextBinding class to better express its purpose
b257647e: 8276847: JSException: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: IntersectionObserver
3d572135: 8277475: Update JDK_DOCS property to point to JDK 17 docs
5bd72a7c: 8277457: AccessControlException: access denied ("" "getCookieHandler")
aa045c5e: 8272118: ListViewSkin et al: must not cancel edit on scrolling
d3fbb516: 8276553: ListView scrollTo() is broken after fix for JDK-8089589
5805bf8e: 8276313: ScrollPane scroll delta incorrectly depends on content height
6fd4ab61: 8191995: Regression: DatePicker must commit on focusLost
79151937: 8278425: TreeTableCellStartEditTest uses deprecated TreeTableCell methods
85b8e96e: 8278494: Remove .hgtags
4f9b047b: 8201538: Remove implementation support for applets from JavaFX
ff6e8d50: 8274274: Update JUnit to version 5.8.1
11583392: 8276167: VirtualFlow.scrollToTop doesn't scroll to the top of the last element
1ad11b05: 8278595: Provide more information when a pipeline can't be used
27f28102: 8273089: Deprecate JavaFX GTK 2 library for removal
1ebf7a24: 8278260: JavaFX shared libraries not stripped on Linux or macOS
002d4f57: 8278134: Move static utility methods to infrastructure (EditAndScrollTest)
4c5bf44e: 8278905: JavaFX: EnumConverter has a typo in the toString method
5422a5af: 8278860: Streamline properties for Monocle
18063ade: 8231601: Update to clarify process for contributing features plus Skara changes
1f10c633: 8273096: Add support for H.265/HEVC to JavaFX Media
303bcdb9: 8279078: Update copyright header for files modified in 2021
c705bd49: 8203463: [Accessibility, Narrator] NPE in TableView
1feba1f6: 8279396: Define version in .jcheck/conf
32f21ffd: 8234921: Add DirectionalLight to the selection of 3D light types
487e4b17: 8267059: Gradle :clean and :apps tasks fail on Windows if ANT_HOME contains spaces
be3b3bd2: 8279328: CssParser uses default charset instead of UTF-8
8c4f966b: 8197991: Selecting many items in a TableView is very slow
a2a0acff: 8242544: CMD+ENTER key event crashes the application when invoked on dialog
dd096783: 8279615: Change JavaFX release version to 19
6e215263: 8244234: MenuButton: NPE on removing from scene with open popup
758e600d: 8272546: Better TrueType font loading
8e6329f5: Merge
004817d7: Merge
502ab151: Merge
155e81d7: Merge
cddb953f: Merge
93273042: Merge
145c9f38: Merge
1e3c8e99: Merge
a4e7064e: Merge
a4c013f5: Merge
7a1a19c0: 8273998: Clarify specification for Window properties controlled by the window manager
f01c50d5: Merge
4c79c54c: 8187307: ListView, TableView, TreeView: receives editCancel event when edit is committed
94807b6e: 8280275: JUnit5 tests using Assumptions API fail to compile in some cases
217e086b: 8205915: [macOS] Accelerator assigned to button in dialog fires menuItem in owning stage
c47f18ef: 8280280: Update boot JDK to 17.0.2
92b10aa1: Merge
ae334c56: 8279013: ES2Pipeline fails to detect AMD vega20 graphics card
c50cece5: - Some work on Robot
f663dd19: Poll X11 Events
53dcde28: OOps
2ff42a00: Progress
52f43ba9: Save ctx + implement Expose Event
7e96a153: some functions..

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