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> It seems this forum has been open to technology previews before, like the very cool JFX Flow and Dex. So in that vein, I hope it's okay to point this group to another.
> Java Inventor is a free IDE for education to make Java and JavaFX available to a broader audience. I'm thrilled with JavaFX - it's a sophisticated framework for sophisticated developers. Javi (for short) is an app builder and framework that lets anyone build and deploy rich internet database apps in minutes without having to spend years learning dozens of software, server and internet technologies. It's a true all in one: project manager, graphics designer, UI builder, database builder, code editor, media editor, report builder, ORM, app server, DB server, group source code server and more.
> Please check out the example gallery. The first four items show video creating a JavaFX UI on a data table for contact entry/update/search with report generation and internet deployment to Google App Engine - All in 10 minutes or less! I hope Javi can help JavaFX reach millions of people beyond sophisticated developers: students, hobbyists, business managers, graphics designers and more. Let me know (on or offline) if you have any feedback.
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