Open sourcing of SQE FX Tests

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Wed Jan 23 08:50:34 PST 2013


I wanted to report that the first batch of SQE tests for the scene graph have been open sourced by Shura (! This is great news both for internal FX developers and open source developers, because we are now able to run a good chunk of the SQE tests and make sure changes made don't fail SQE tests (and to fix bug reports we get from SQE). We will need to add documentation to the wiki to describe the best way to run these tests. This is a first step, there are more SQE tests that we're working on getting open (including controls, fxml, and css tests). In addition when we look at our build system I'm going to want to look at consolidating these tests with the unit tests we have so we don't have overlap. We're also looking at creating a "headless glass" so that SQE tests can be run headless without taking ownership of your machine as they run.

Thanks Shura!!


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