HEADS-UP: [9] New WebKit + compiler upgrade for FX 9

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at oracle.com
Fri Feb 20 22:10:26 UTC 2015

As a heads-up, I will push the following fixes to 9-dev today. If there 
are no build problems, they will be integrated to 9 master early next 
week and will be in JDK 9-b52. This will not affect 8u-dev (yet).

1) RT-36726: Update to the Latest Version of WebKit


This has been developed (mostly by Anton Tarasov with help from a couple 
others) in an internal sandbox for the last few months, and has 
undergone much testing including a full webkit test cycle by our SQE 
team. The changeset patch is 185 Mbytes and touches 11,688 files 
including added, removed, modifiled files. I tried generating a webrev, 
but it is just too big and unweildy to upload (over 1.6 GBytes). You 
will be able to see the changset patch once I push it on Anton's behalf.

This resolves many of the outstanding WebView crashes.

2) RT-40105: Enable new compilers by default for production builds


Amy has already reviewed and approved these compiler update changes. The 
main difference is that the default compiler on Windows (Visual Studio 
2013) and Mac (Xcode 5.1.1 with macosx10.9 sdk) has changed, although we 
will still build if you have older compilers.

A couple notes about the compiler upgrade:

* This is targeted for 9-dev, so it will not affect most developers yet 
since 8u-dev is still where most work is happening. And even if you do 
build 9-dev, the existing compilers (e.g., VS 2010 for windows) will 
build everything just fine except WebKit, which most developers don't 
build anyway. We do hope to backport this to 8u-dev in 3 or 4 weeks 
time, so be on the look out. I plan to give one week's notice when that 
happens, and we will have hopefully worked out the bugs by then so it 
shouldn't disrupt too much.

* For Linux users: you will need to use Ubuntu 14.04 or Oracle Linux 7 
(or RHEL 7) if you want to run WebView programs. It will no longer run 
on Ubuntu 13 or earlier. Everything else should run OK, but is no longer 
going to be supported.

* For Windows and Mac users you should be fine as long as don't want to 
build Webkit on older platforms / compilers. WebView programs should 
continue to run, although this hasn't been well tested.

Let me know if you have any questions.

-- Kevin

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