Java & JavaFX on mobiles

Donald Smith donald.smith at
Wed Oct 7 21:21:48 UTC 2015

There is no "official  JDKs for iOS and Android", and anyone that tries 
to spin the recent OpenJDK project announcement as such is likely just 
trying to consume you as click-bait.  The recent project announcement is 
simply to make internal code we have for some of our other commercial 
products available to those who may wish to use it (and therefore we 
hopefully benefit from any contributions back). That's it.  It won't be 
released as part of the Oracle JDK.  It's just some source, for OpenJDK.

  - Don

On 07/10/2015 5:11 PM, Felix Bembrick wrote:
> The world of Java and JavaFX is growing more confusing than ever it seems.
> Some say Oracle is cutting back on funding for Java because it is effectively helping its competitors. Sounds similar to Google forking WebKit so they weren't writing code for Apple.
> But now we hear of the looming release of official JDKs for iOS and Android from Oracle.
> Will these JDKs be the best and simplest way of running JavaFX on those platforms? Without JIT support, will these JDKs support AOT compiling?
> Do the proposed JDKs for mobiles even include JavaFX?
> Felix

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