Filling the Packager gap

Johan Vos johan.vos at
Wed Sep 19 08:55:57 UTC 2018


As promised, we looked into an interim solution for the packager-gap. Work
for the new Java Packager (12?) is being done in the OpenJDK sandbox repo.
We backported the required changes to an OpenJDK 11 mirror:

With this, we created modified OpenJDK 11 builds that contain the packager
(wrapper/exe + module including native library). They can be downloaded and
tested/used at

For Windows, you have to unzip the bundle in the same directory as the JDK,
as the packager wrapper expect to find the java binary at the same level.

Note that these are not products. We use them internally to create
installers (e.g. we're using them for Scene Builder 11 and that works
fine), and they do what we expect them to do, but there are no guarantees
of course so at least for now I recommend using them in development only
(or even better, look at the changes and contribute to or to this backport)

- Johan

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