Draggable pane in relation to Docking

Christian Carlow christian.carlow at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 15:50:42 UTC 2019

This mailing list seems to have little activity so hopefully this message
finds the proper audience.

I've been searching for a descent docking system for JavaFX for the past
year and haven't found one sufficient enough to meet my needs to I started
my own:

Tabs are used as the primary drag control within the project which is
consistent with many applications like Chrome, Firefox, Gimp, etc.

Draggable tabs aren't implemented in JavaFX yet so I have a custom
implementation which partially relates to the following issue intended to
implement them:

The descriptions seem to describe a partial docking system that allow tabs
be removed from TabPanes and placed in another.  If this is the intention
then does it make sense to support all docking capabilities such as
attaching to a SplitPane instead of only a TabPane and also allow Tabs to
exist in separate windows?

My intention is to provide feedback that may help the implementation of the
issue above as well as receive feedback about the best way to implement my
docking library.  The main conflict seems likely to come from the behavior
that occurs when tabs detect a drag.

The current tab reordering implementation seems to be derived from the
following project: https://github.com/sibvisions/javafx.DndTabPane.  It
shows a divider between each tab to indicate the new position where the tab
will be dropped.  That behavior conflicts with the behavior that I've
implemented which displays a context menu over a tab when dragged over
which lists docking options which includes tabbing left or right along with
splitting left, right, top, or bottom.

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