Sandboxed Scene

Bruno Borges bruno.borges at
Fri Nov 27 03:38:06 UTC 2020

Hi friends,

After seeing Andres' sample of TilesFX being loaded dynamically [0] through
Layrry [1], I thought of giving a refresh to WebFX project [0].

One of the challenges of the project is to sandbox an FXML-based
application (FXML+JS Controller+CSS) in a way that it cannot escape the
tab. In other words, whatever code is loaded dynamically, it must not have
access to any component beyond the root component of that FXML.

It is possible to partially isolate by creating a SubScene. This will
ensure that getParent() eventually becomes null. But this does not avoid
access to getScene().

What would be a good way to "sandbox" a Pane/Node in a Scene graph?

If this is not possible today in a straightforward way, what other
possibilities exist?


*Bruno Borges*

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