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Wed Mar 13 10:18:57 UTC 2024

Have you checked [FXyz3D][1]? It includes all the importers from the
3DViewer project.
If you run the [sampler application][2], you can load a complex Maya
[file][3] and see an animated Duke 3D.
There are some extra additions not originally in the 3DViewer project, like
the JointChain node that allows skeleton visualization.



On Wed, Mar 13, 2024 at 10:14 AM Johannes Riecken <
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> Hey
> It looks like the [JavaFX 3D viewer sample][1] comes with animation
> support (for Maya files), but the [resources directory][2] only contains
> unanimated sample files in obj format and Maya files in the wild are too
> complex for the viewer to parse. Would anyone have an animated 3D file that
> can be opened in the 3D viewer? I don't mean a specific file, as I just
> want to look at the file to learn how to create such files myself. Then I
> could convert the animated 3D files from my favorite game into that format.
> I haven't looked at other open source 3D viewers, but I like the
> Jfx3dViewerApp so far.
> Cheers, Johannes
>   [1]:
>   [2]:

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