Problems when merging stage/hotspot with hotspot-main/hotspot

Vladimir Kozlov vladimir.kozlov at
Mon Sep 2 10:44:22 PDT 2013

8014135 changes should be in jdk8/hotspot this week if testing of merged main/hotspot goes well. I will do merge after 
that. Thank you for os_posix.cpp.


On 9/2/13 8:29 AM, Volker Simonis wrote:
> Hi Vladimir,
> currently we have problems because stage/hotspot doesn't automatically
> merges with hotspot-main/hotspot (and all the other hsx repositories)
> any more.
> This is because of "8014135: The JVMTI specification does not conform
> to recent changes in JNI specification" in hsx which conflicts with
> the latest "8023033: PPC64 (part 13): basic changes for AIX" in stage.
> Any idea when 8014135 will arrive in jdk8/hotspot and when you will
> sync up jdk8 to stage the next time? The problem we have is that all
> our builds which test our patch-queue against the various
> hsx-repositories are currently broken because we can not merge stage
> with hsx automatically.
> We would therefore be really interested in bringing 8014135 as fast as
> possible into stage. If this will not happen soon, do you see any
> possibility in doing this manually? I think just importing 8014135
> isn't a good idea either because then we will eventually end up with
> two changesets with the same bug ID.
> Thank you and best regards,
> Volker
> PS: for your convenience I've added a merged version of
> 'src/os/posix/vm/os_posix.cpp' which solves the problem.

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