RFR (L): 8024468: PPC64 (part 201): cppInterpreter: implement bytecode profiling

Lindenmaier, Goetz goetz.lindenmaier at sap.com
Mon Sep 30 07:21:01 PDT 2013


could I please get some reviews on this change?  Although this is marked 'L',
this should not be too much as most of the code is guarded by ifdef CC_INTERP.

Thanks and best regards,

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Subject: RFR (L): 8024468: PPC64 (part 201): cppInterpreter: implement bytecode profiling


this change implements bytecode profiling for the cppInterpreter.
It changes a row of shared files, but most of the changes are
guarded by CC_INTERP.  This is not mandatory, but I think it
makes clear what the extensions are meant for, and assures it's
not compiled into template interpreter builds.

We desinged the bytecode profiling for the cppInterpreter
to deliver exact the same counter values as the template interpreter does.
E.g., we extended the interpreter to also check backedge counts.

The macros used in the interpreter loop are placed in a new
file bytecodeInterpreterProfiling.hpp.  I'm happy to move them
somewhere else.

The code is guarded with CC_INTERP_PROFILE, which is only enabled
if COMPILER2 is set. Thus, ZERO will not encounter any overhead
in the interpreter loop.

This change also enables all the new features we implemented in
the cppInterpreter, see arguments.cpp.

Although this change is marked as L, it should not have an effect
on non-cppInterpreter platforms.

Please review and test this change.

Best regards,
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