Visit to Sun to talk about FindBugs, static analysis, and other fun stuff?

Bill Pugh pugh at
Thu Jul 5 09:51:15 PDT 2007

I'm in the Bay area from now until August 18th.

I'm working with and visiting a number of companies, and I'd be happy  
to hang out at Sun for a chunk of time.

Want I'd really like to do over this summer to to work with the Java  
SE and Glassfish teams to make sure that we can get setup effective  
deployments of FindBugs set up internally. Rather than worrying about  
scrubbing the code base of all of the issues in old, old code, the  
main thing I think we should strive for is ensuring that any newly  
introduced issues get examined. We've got a number of tools for doing  
that, and will be adding more over the summer.

One of the things that might be useful it to just spend an afternoon  
sitting down with a group of engineerings and auditing some FindBugs  
results. It might help you understand the issues FindBugs is  
reporting, and help me understand your priorities as far as which  
issues you think warrant fixing with code changes.

If there is demand for a talk on FindBugs, I'd be happy to give one.  
I've given that talk a number of times at Sun and JavaOne, but with  
churn and stuff there are always new people around who haven't seen it.

We are intently working on getting a strawman for JSR-305  
implemented, and I'd be interesting in talking about that later in  
the summer.


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