Submitting patches for problems found by static analysis

Bill Pugh pugh at
Mon Jun 18 19:23:15 PDT 2007

Does anyone have suggestions for how to go about submitting patches  
for issues found via static analysis?

One of the problems is that static analysis just points me at the  
source file, and it can often be exceptionally difficult for me as an  
outsider to figure out who the responsible engineer is, or if an  
appropriate OpenJDK project exists.

For example, below is some code from FaultReason with an obvious bug:  
the line assert(texts == null) should be assert(texts != null). But I  
have no idea who to contact about fixing this bug.

The code in NamingContextImpl below also has an obvious bug. The  
check (name != null || name.length > 0) should be (name != null &&  
name.length > 0); actually, just (name != null) is probably even better.

I'd like to submit about 100 patches, so making this process as easy  
as possible is important.



  * SOAP 1.2 Fault Reason
  *  <soapenv:Reason>
  *      <soapenv:Text xml:lang="en">...</soapenv:Text>
  *  </soapenv:Reason>
  * @author Vivek Pandey
public class FaultReason {
     private List<FaultReasonText> texts;

     public FaultReason(FaultReasonText... texts) {
         assert(texts == null);
         this.texts = Arrays.asList(texts);



public class NamingContextImpl
     extends NamingContextExtPOA
     implements NamingContextDataStore, Serializable

    public static String nameToString(NameComponent[] name)
         StringBuffer s = new StringBuffer("{");
         if (name != null || name.length > 0) {
           for (int i=0;i<name.length;i++) {

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