futex_wait problem

Amahdy mrjava.javaman at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 12:34:10 PDT 2009

Hey there!
I'm running fedora 10, with OpenJDK 1.6, and developing with NetBeans 6.5,
lately I got a problem with any java application, I can't run any java-based
application and always receiving a "futex_wait" hanging on any java based
application, I mean, when I run a java-based application I get a hanging
interface and when i take a look at running process I see the java process
is hanging in "futex_wait" FOR EVER and the application won't run ... I mean
here by java-based application a application developed by me maybe, or any
other like "netbeans" itself I cant run it, neither "logfactor5", nor any
java application or applet for example ...

what I did lately in the system before that appears was installaing "fedora
eclipse", and updated the system, I removed all the eclipse stuff and the
problem still there, please help me to fix it and/or fix the bug ... Thanks!
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