Howto supply bug fix for JNDI to dev teams

Stepan Hrbacek stepan.hrbacek at
Mon Apr 16 06:56:31 PDT 2012

We have reported a bug against Java 1.6 (package com.sun.jndi.ldap.pool) -
the issue does not have a public Oracle bug id unfortunatelly.
Unfortunately the issue is very urgent for our product and thus we have
implemented a fix using OpenJDK 6. To speed up a fix in Oracle's JRE 1.6 we
would like to send the fix to Oracle - however no attachment is possible on
the bug report page, no direct e-mail to supply additional details for the
bug seems available.

Do you please have an idea how to:
- submit the fix to Oracle
- submit our fix to the OpenJDK team to project

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