Adopt OpenJDK Wiki updates, Testing Java 8 - assistance welcome!

Martijn Verburg martijnverburg at
Sun Jul 21 07:13:43 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I've updated the Adopt OpenJDK section in the OpenJDK Wiki to highlight the
initiatives we're currently working on.

Most importantly, we're currently focussing on two projects:

Testing OpenJDK/Java

We're reaching out ot OSS projects to get them to test early and
consistently.  This has been going for 1 week now and we already have 20
projects tested including: Glassfish, Guava, JUnit, Scala and Maven.

* We've raised 15 issues (5 now fixed) over this past week.
* Are there projects you'd like to see added? Please reply to this list!


An attempt to streamline and automate the patch build, test and webrev
submission in OpenJDK. The goal here is minimum impact on OpenJDK, i.e. An
email for a patch will arrive on the correct OpeNJDK mailing list looking
something like:

"This is a patch submission via Betterrev

Patch: <Descriptive Name>
Author: <OpenJDK name>
OCA Signed?: Yes
Betterrev Link: <URL>
Webrev Link: <URL>
JIRA Link: <URL>
Built and all tests pass against: <Operating Systems> using <HEAD> in
<Mercurial forest name>"

* We're looking for early Beta testers, especially folks interested in the
patch submission process

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