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Mon Nov 28 23:30:16 UTC 2016

On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 2:07 PM, Joseph D. Darcy <joe.darcy at>

> For the combined dev/master forest, the most recent integration tag will
> have the same stability guarantees we have today so "pull the most recent
> jdk-10+XYZ tag" to get a stable snapshot.
But ... I want better than the stability guarantees we have today!

I want to obsolete those messages to quality-discuss with "new failures"
because it should not even be possible for master to get into a state where
regression tests have regressed (except for flakes or external

> As an aside, for JDK 10 I'd also like to see promoted builds on a more
> frequent schedule than once a week.

People do "continuous testing and integration" these days.  Set up your
integration pipeline so that it is always running.  The pipeline
automatically promotes changesets to master when all tests pass.  Easy!
Then every master changeset is equally stable to a "promoted build".

In principle, the same could be accomplished via running every single
commit through a jprt-like process, but I'm afraid that would be too
expensive.  Back in my day, full build + test took on the order of 10
hours, so changesets would need to be batched, or you need to throw more
hardware at the problem (give every changeset a dedicated machine for
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