Apache Isis -> Apache Causeway, and updates

Dan Haywood dan at haywood-associates.co.uk
Sat Mar 18 10:39:46 UTC 2023


We've been on the wiki [1] for a while, but we haven't provided a recent
update.  Time to rectify that.

First, a bit of housekeeping: the Apache Isis project has been renamed to
Apache Causeway [2]

Second, we can confirm [3] that Causeway is:

* OpenJDK 11: green star
* OpenJDK 17: green star
* OpenJDK 20: green star


[1] https://wiki.openjdk.org/display/quality/Quality+Outreach
[2] https://whimsy.apache.org/board/minutes/Isis.html#2022-09-21
[3] https://the-asf.slack.com/archives/CFC42LWBV/p1678029797333659
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