Non-zero build crash on kernel 5.17+?

Zixian Cai zixian.cai at
Tue Oct 4 11:14:51 UTC 2022

Hi Ludovic,

Thanks! Yes, I settled on the exact same workaround, but haven’t gotten around to post it to this list. I agree that this is awkward as it requires people to build their own QEMU from source.

By coincidence, I had a Twitter exchange with Felix (Archlinux developer) regarding this. Felix opened a kernel issue for providing an option to disable sv57 ( and mentioned that Ubuntu is likely to disable sv57 in the kernel to be shipped with 22.10 (


On 4/10/2022 21:45, Ludovic Henry wrote:

Some updates on working around that issue. In order to force QEMU to use sv48 in place of sv57, you can comment out this line<> and compile your own version of QEMU. There is unfortunately no way currently to disable sv57 through an option, and Linux will probe the CSR SATP to know whether the machine supports sv57 while ignoring the device tree provided by QEMU.

I hope that helps,
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